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NCAA Football

Cadillac, Riley Norman Looking For Revenge Against Bobcats

When you have an offensive line at the high school level like the 1-0 Cadillac Vikings, you can expect to have success. That is exactly what they had last week when they racked up 275 offensive yards and five touchdowns. Frankly, it probably would have been more if they hadn’t been up big in the fourth quarter.

This week, Cadillac will be home against the 0-1 Glenn Bobcats.

The Bobcats had a tough time getting anything going in their first game, totaling less than 200 yards of total offense. Their quarterback Derrek Clyde went 6 for 12 for 63 yards. The leading rusher for the Bobcats was Quentin Thomas with 13 attempts for 86 yards. Alex Delgado led the way in receiving with five catches for 55 yards. As a team, they managed to score only 13 points.

Glenn was neither solid running nor passing, which doesn’t bode well for them against Cadillac. They had to face one defense that shut them down and it looks like they are going to run into another one this week.

What I expect Cadillac to do this week is similar to what they did last week. The only thing I would like to see different from them is to not let up at the end. The final score against the Eastern Quakers was 33-20, all of which was scored in the second half. Cadillac did a fine job at wearing them down with the run, especially with their two outstanding tackles Riley Norman and Jack Ford leading the way. On defense, they need to continue to wreak havoc and disrupt plays before they get started.

For offense, I see them running the ball like they did last week as well. With Norman and Ford, let them hit the open holes. Against the Quakers, it worked well and completely worn the defense out. If they follow this same game plan, then I believe they will come out on top against Glenn as well. They should also mix in some passes just to keep them honest and off guard. Run early and often should be the mindset, though.

Last year when Glenn hosted Cadillac, they dominated the Vikings 42-7. I don’t see that happening this year, though. From the looks of it, Cadillac has figured out the offensive line and knows what they need to do to win.

This year, the game will be at home for Cadillac and my prediction is they will win again this week with home-field advantage behind them. I see a score similar to last week unless the defense puts together a complete game. If they go up big again, then the score will be closer at the end, but won’t reflect how the game was. Regardless, I see Cadillac winning this game.

The game will be played Thursday, August 30th at 7:00 pm at Cadillac High School.