Updated Depth Chart Released For Oklahoma Sooners

By Amanda Staver

The Oklahoma Sooners released their updated depth chart on Monday for their first game of the season against the University of Texas – El Paso on Saturday. In typical Bob Stoops fashion, this could change any time within the week, but as of right now, we know what the Oklahoma Sooners will be working with.

Highlights from the depth chart:

Wide Receiver starters are listed as Trey Metoyer, Kenny Stills and Justin Brown. Juco transfer Jalen Saunders is not listed on the depth chart yet, but Stoops did mention they expect to hear more on him from the NCAA about his waiver by Tuesday. Durron Neal, Sterling Sheppard and Lacoltan Bester are listed as their back-ups. When Stoops was asked about Sheppard, he commented that he had a “special” feel in the slot. Also compared him slightly to Ryan Broyles, which is saying quite a bit.

The former defensive end, Geneo Grissom is listed as the starting tight end, as well as Brannon Green. Stoops did say that Grissom and Green will both play, as well as Taylor McNamara. The buzz that has been generating around Grissom point to him being the no. 1 starter, though.

Gabe Lynn will be starting at nickelback, with Kass Everett and Julian Wilson listed to back him up. Tom Wort’s back-ups at middle linebacker will be either Jaydan Bird or redshirt freshman, Frank Shannon. Right corner goes to Aaron Colvin, and Demontre Hurst will play the left. Gary Simon will back up Colvin on the right with Lamar Harris and freshman Zack Sanchez behind Hurst.

Charles Tapper or Rashod Favors are listed to back R.J. Washington and Michael Onuoha is listed as Chuka Ndulue’s at defensive end.

There wasn’t too many surprises listed, but as always, this could change any day this week. If the NCAA clears Saunders waiver on Tuesday, he could be added immediately. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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