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Maryland Terrapins Struggling To Sell Tickets

The Maryland Terrapins football program is coming off a disastrous season on the field. According to department figures reported by the Washington Times, the school is struggling to sell tickets for the upcoming season.

Through Friday, the Terrapins had sold just over 16,000 season tickets, down from nearly 20,000 a year ago. The team is coming off a 2-10 season in its first year under new coach Randy Edsall.

Athletic director Kevin Anderson is concerned about fixing the figures and making Maryland football a destination for football fans on Saturday once again.

“There’s no question we need to stabilize and fix the program where we’re increasing the number of tickets that we’re selling. We projected that there could be a shortfall in season tickets,” he said. “We’ll be at the projected budget number that we projected at the beginning of the year. What it does is it does limit us from growing the program and doing things we like to do for the student-athlete, but that’s just where we are right now.”

Outside of hoping the team improves on the field, the athletic department has made attempts to portray a more family friendly atmosphere on campus, make campus traveling easier and make the overall experience cheaper.

Among the changes and additions: Inflatables for children around the stadium and practice center, shuttle buses to the stadium from the parking lots on campus and partnerships with LivingSocial and Groupon to decrease ticket prices for certain games.

While these changes may help some, the Maryland program is in decline. The only sure way to bring fans back to Byrd Stadium on Saturdays is by winning football and ACC Title contention. Considering where the roster looks heading into this weekend, those days are still far away yet.


Joe Giglio is the ACC and Big East football writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his Facebook page.