Top 10 NFL Players High School Coaches Would Kill For: 10-6

By Rich Currao

Top 10 NFL Players a High School Coach Dreams About

I would find it incredibly hard to believe that my High School Football coach did not look of the top 10 NFL players during my playing days and imagine his roster had just one player with that kind of God-given ability.  Back then, he would have had choices that included the likes of Joe Montana, Walter Payton, and Lawrence “LT” Taylor.  While it is pie-in-the-sky dreaming, at least today we will let the man have his moment.

Here is the first part of a list of the top 10 NFL Players I feel today’s high school football coach would practically kill to have.

10) Aaron Rodgers QB, Green Bay Packers

The Super Bowl MVP had big shoes to fill when he replaced the big arm (and ego) of Brett Favre when 2008 came around.  Any coach would love this guy’s make-up especially when you consider that not only did he pick up where the Wrangler left off, but, he also brought another Lombardi Trophy back to Title Town. 

9) Jimmy Graham TE, New Orleans Saints

So picture this.  The head coach walks up to Graham during an early August practice and says, “Let’s see, son. You are built like Mike Singletary. Yet you can run like Gale Sayers?  You can go up for a pass like Randy Moss and catch the ball like Steve Largent?  And AFTER you catch that football, you can punish defenders like Larry Csonka as you gain yardage?  Hmmmmm?  I’ve got an idea…..Hey, quarterback!  Get this guy the ball!  ALWAYS!!!

8 ) Rob Gronkowski TE, New England Patriots


7) Jason Pierre-Paul DE, New York Giants

JPP might as well still be playing football in high school.  Why?  Well, he only started playing football in his Junior year when he realized basketball was not going to work out.  Who knows…he might still have some unfinished business to attend to.   Could you imagine the delight of his coach when this freakishly raw talent stepped out on to the field for the first time?  If you watch JPP play today, his smile tells you that he is playing for the love of the sport.  Just like we all did in high school.

6) Tim Tebow QB, New York Jets

Yes, Tim Tebow.  I am sure you are thinking that he can hardly throw the football on the NFL level, and you are right.  But his style was born out of how High School football is played; with options, wish bones, and passes off the play fake.  The Heisman trophy winner would be an absolute dream player for just about every High School program.  His off field behavior and selfless soul makes him the homecoming king every year who is brimming with school spirit.  The only problem for Tebow, as with all of us, is that he can’t go back to high school.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I wrap the list up with #5-#1


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