Is Virginia Tech a Top 10 Team?

By Ryan McCart

Do you think that Virginia Tech is a top 10 team? Colin Cowherd certainly does. Today on his ESPN radio show The Herd, Cowherd listed his top 10 college football teams for this year and he put the Hokies at number nine. This comes as a surprise considering that ESPN as a company always seems down on Virginia Tech. So are the Hokies a top 10 team?

As of this moment, I have to disagree with Cowherd. They are definitely a top 20 team and I have plenty of faith in head coach Frank Beamer. Beamer simply knows how to put a winning team onto the field, but there are plenty of questions facing Virginia Tech this season.

There only position on offense that isn’t questionable is quarterback, where Logan Thomas proved himself to be a superstar last season. The offensive line is almost completely new. You will see four new starters on this unit. The running back situation is set with Michael Holmes, but he is a first year starter and he is replacing an All-American in David Wilson. The Hokies top receivers are seniors, but they have all been stuck behind Jarrett Boykin and Danny Coale (now in the NFL) on the depth chart for three years or four years in the case of Dyrell Roberts.

If the Hokies are a top 10 team, then it will be because of Bud Foster’s defense. The defensive unit isn’t replacing nearly as many starters as the offense and we know that Foster can put together a top defense. This unit will be ranked in the top five by year’s end and could be competing for the top spot with teams like Alabama, LSU and Florida State.

Virginia Tech could definitely be a top 10 team by year’s end. They should win at least 10 games and will probably win the Coastal Division, which will send them to the ACC Championship game in early December. Cowherd certainly has faith in the 2012 Virginia Tech Football team and he may have just saved his car from the fate of Lee Corso’s rental car.

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