Jake Browning Throws for 10 Touchdowns and 686 Yards

By Eric Domingo

On Friday August 24, high school QB Jake Browning, lead his Folsom High School team to victory, completing 686 passing yards and 10 TDs.

“I don’t even know what my stats are except that I threw 10 touchdowns…We got the win and that’s all that matters,” says Browning.

As incredible as Browning played, amazingly he is just a sophomore and it was his varsity debut. The California star completed 34 of 51 passing and helped his team win against Woodcreek 68-28.

“I was surprised I wasn’t more nervous heading into my first varsity start,” says Browning.

In my opinion, Browning’s performance is one of the best ever in football history. The Folsom QB played like a pro and was only sacked once. He found his receivers and really displayed great leadership skills on the field.

The sophomore star’s 10 TDs tied a high school record, but his 686 passing yards came second to David Koran of Pacific Palisades, California. Koran threw for 764 yards in 2000.

As great as Browning played, he still remains humble after his record setting efforts.

“I try not to have too many expectations…I just looked at this game as a learning experience for the future,” says Browning.

Browning wasn’t the only Folsom player that played well, his receivers also excelled against Woodcreek. Phillip Carter caught 10 passes for 317 yards and had five touchdowns. Lucas Owan finished with 13 catches for 236 yards and Troy Knox had three touchdown catches.

“We came out just trying to play our game…I just took advantage of every opportunity I could,” says Browning.

Before the season started, Browning was fighting for the starting QB position. I think after the the Woodcreek game, Folsom coach Kris Richardson, knows who his starting QB will be.

Folsom’s next game is Friday at 7:15 p.m. against San Ramon Valley.

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