LSU and Other School's Fans Hit New Low With "Penn State Shower Shirts"

By Michael Collins

Being a college football fanatic often means taking cheap shots at the school you love to hate the most.  That’s a part of the college football landscape, and for the most part it’s all done in good (well…maybe not) fun.

But a recent barrage of t-shirts that not only bash the opposing school but also intentionally take a tasteless jab at Penn State are taking things to a new low.

The “Penn State Shower Shirts” are all over the place, and apparently are selling like crazy.

The shirts – which bear the colors and names of LSU, Ohio State, Iowa and other schools – state that you’d rather “take a shower at Penn State” than support your rival team.

The LSU version even contains an (un?)intentional grammatical error, in saying “then” instead of “than”.

Folks, it’s time to reel it in here and show a little sensitivity to this situation.  The crimes that happened at Penn State are nothing to laugh about or make fun of.  They were horrific and ghastly crimes that were committed by a very sick individual.

It’s going to be hard enough for the students, faculty and members of the Penn State community that had nothing to do with this scandal to get past it.

If the only way you can find of getting a good zinger in at your most hated rival is to make comparisons to young boys being sexually abused in a school shower facility, then perhaps it’s time for you to seek some counseling.

The shirts have not been approved by the schools (even though they do contain licensed school logos) but that hasn’t slowed down the popularity of these trash-talk garments.

Personally, I’d rather send my money to support Penn State than to spend a single penny on one of these tasteless, cruel and absolutely worthless shirts.

What’s your take: Harmless fun, or a cruel and insensitive joke?

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