Floyd Mayweather Bets $3 Million on College Football Game

By Rich Currao

Talk about taking a throwing a “haymaker”.  Reports are stating that professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., has landed a $3 million bet on this Saturday’s AlabamaMichigan game.  Currently, the defending National Champions are going off as heavy favorites and giving the Wolverines 14 points!

So, who did the “Pretty Boy” bet on?  Well, the underdog, of course!  Yes, Floyd Mayweather feels that the Crimson Tide will not be able to cover the lofty 2-touchdown spread and has bet a whole bunch of “Money” on Michigan.  The notorious gambler is no stranger to the excitement of the big bet and has been spotted making bets over $1 million on numerous sporting events.

Mayweather is not the first, nor last I am sure, athlete to like to put a nice wager on a game.  We all know about the degenerate, Pete Rose.  Then there is Michael Jordan who has been rumored to have bet on single golf strokes alone.  The list is rounded out by Charles Barkley, Rick Tocchett, and John Daly.  The latter who reported that he loss 50-60 million dollars in wagering over a 12 year period!!!

All eyes will be on Texas Stadium when the Wolverines open their season against the SEC darlings.  While everyone will be interested in who wins or loses, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather will only care if Alabama will be able to cover.  I pity his financial adviser, if he even has one.  And if he does, what a terrible job he is doing!

Rich Currao is a Content Writer for Rantsports.com.   A life-time rink rat, Big Bipper covers the NHL, AHL, and NCAA Hockey.  He also covers the NFL and High School Football.

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