The Most Obnoxious Fan Bases in College Football

By Kris Hughes

As you read this, please keep in mind that my opinions are strictly my own and you’re all welcome to call me whatever name under the sun you prefer in defense of your school.

These four fan bases are the most obnoxious in college football for varying reasons. Some are flat out arrogant– which in the constantly changing world of college football typically leads to some humbling post haste. Others do things which defy explanation, particularly when it comes to an affinity for flammable upholstery.

There’s a fine line between support of your favorite team and flat out fanaticism and these fan bases tip toe it daily:

West Virginia

In my mind, these folks are the king of the hill. From burning couches in public– regardless of victory or defeat, mind you– to specially crafted t-shirts week-in and week-out that “pay honor” to whomever the unlucky opponent might be that took the trip to Morgantown, the Mountaineers’ supporters are a wacko bunch.

Exhibit A: Burning Couch on Random Street in Morgantown

via Sun Sentinel

The above is a time honored tradition– for some god-forsaken reason– in Morgantown, but one that the school has begged students to discontinue to no effect. Plan on the smell of burning upholstery being as common as the night air this fall in Morgantown.

There’s also this gem. To avoid getting to NSFW, I did a little minor editing, but you get the picture:

Exhibit B: This Guy

So yeah, in case you were wondering that’s who they are. Can’t imagine this happening to many other places– so given that– West Virginia is our most obnoxious fan base.

USC Trojans

The USC Trojans fan base is obnoxious, because, well, they’re obnoxious. There’s a certain air of “holier than thou” that pervades in Los Angeles, in spite of whether the Men of Troy justify on the field with their performances or not.

Call it confidence— I call it arrogance. Semantics, I guess.

While I don’t have the same illustrations easy at hand like I did for the Mountaineers, if you’re a Trojans fan– or not– you know just what I’m talking about. No further explanation is really necessary.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Exhibit A: Paul Finebaum

via Google

One word sums it up: PAWLLL.

The daily callers to Alabama radio personality Paul Finebaum’s college football focused show are some of the most, er, passionate, you’ll ever hear in your life. Even the slightest transgression against the Crimson Tide is discussed in frightening detail with Finebaum, who does little to dampen the mood.

Finebaum is the ultimate homer and probably the most hated man in the SEC because of it.

Take that and, oh, I don’t know their tendency to poison trees and teabag unsuspecting, passed-out opposing fans at opportune moments, and you have one of the pinnacles of obnoxiousness.


LSU Tigers

Staying with the SEC theme, the next in our countdown of outrageous fan bases are the LSU Tigers fans. Apart from almost starting a riot prior to every game with their bottle-throwing, rock-throwing, team bus dismantling antics, Tigers faithful are the drunkest bunch in the country– and that’s quite an accomplishment when we’re talking college football.

When you have a beer specially branded for your fan base you know you’ve made the big time.

Exhibit A: Bandit Blonde

via The Pour Curator

Now to be 100% truthful, Bandit Blonde never actually hit the shelves because of marketing and licensing snafus.. but.. it’s the thought that counts.

And this thought says plenty about the LSU fan base.

Think of one that we missed?

Think we’re crazy for calling your team out? Tell us about it!

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