Top 10 NFL Players High School Coaches Would Kill For: 5-1

By Rich Currao

We continue our list of Top 10 NFL Players a high school coach would love to have at #5.  If you missed the first half of our list, please check it out here.

5) Brian Urlacher MLB, Chicago Bears

Football coaches love dominant defensive players.  Even the offensive minded coaches are enamored with these types of players.  They take control of a game by snuffing the running attack.  A simple glare from Urlacher brings back the days of Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, and Jack Lambert.  His ability to settle an entire team down on both sides of the ball is priceless and something a coach just can not teach.

4) LeSean McCoy RB, Philadephia Eagles

LeSean McCoy is the first of our running backs to hit the list.  McCoy is a weapon whenever he is on the field.  His ability to both run and catch the ball makes him a double threat and something that any coach, at any level would love to set their game plan around.  He can get outside of the tackles quickly and with 78 receptions in 2010, is able to provide his QB another pass option to turn up field.

3) Adrian Foster RB, Houston Texans

Successful high school football programs are centered around executing the fundamentals of defense and running the football.  That is exactly what Adrian Foster does.  The undrafted Foster has been burning up the NFL for 2 season now and has what every HS coach wants in a running back; the ability to carry the ball…a lot.  In 2010, Foster had an insane 327 carries.

2) Calvin Johnson WR, Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson was 6’4″ by the time he entered his sophomore year of high school.  That alone generally makes a coach excited.  But what really makes a coach happy are touchdowns and Megatron has been making coaches happy for years with his freakish ability to go up and grab a ball.  Johnson makes an average quarterback look better.  He stretches a defense and opens up the run game.  His presence alone is dangerous, but his impact is down right frightening.

1) Pick A Manning…..Any Manning!

Peyton Manning QB, Denver Broncos & Eli Manning QB, New York Giants

Imagine going to battle each Friday night with the pedigree of either Peyton Manning or Eli Manning under center?  Well, for the coach of the Isidore Newman High School football team, that was exactly what he got.  Both Mannings, along with eldest brother, Cooper, attended the private New Orleans school and made a dream come true for their coach.  Each Manning took the field all under the watchful eye of former NFL star QB, and father, Archie Manning and were stars both on and off the field.

So, that concludes my list for Top 10 NFL Players a high school coach would love to have.  I am sure there are plenty more, but these are my favorites.

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