NFL Draft: Prospect Recap - Washington State vs. BYU

By Jeremy Cabler

Note: Only seniors are being observed at this point

Washington State

I didn’t get too far in this game, but I saw enough from some guys to get a strong opinion. Washington State QB Jeff Tuel did not impress me much. To sum up his evening, he was inconsistent. On one drive in the 2nd Quarter, he was lazy on a swing pass and threw the ball over his receivers head. Next play he delivers a strike in the middle of the field where read his progressions stepped up, and made a nice throw. The very next play he floated a ball on a deep out where he looked his receiver down the entire time.

Tuel also forced the ball late on more than one occasion. He tried to fit it in windows that just weren’t there. Tuel was also inconsistent on hid read. He will go a coupld plays looks deep to short and finds then open man, then he goes a few plays and completely stared down his target.

However, I do like his footwork and when he scrambles he turns his shoulder square with the LOS and attempts to make an accurate throw.

Interested to see how he develops as the season progresses.

The Cougars DE/OLB Travis Long showed some flashes. He lined up in several spots including ILB at one time. He has a quick first step and got a sack on a beautiful spin move, but for the most part he didn’t have the strength to rush the passer from the DE spot. Long is defiantly an OLB at the next level, but unfortunately in this game we didn’t see him standing up much.

Will mention junior WR Marquess Wilson. He finished with only 4 catches and shutdown on several routes. Not sure if it was due to frustration, but he was very lazy on his route running in this game and failed to work his way back to the ball. you can see potential there, especially with the ball in his hands after the catch


OG Braden Hansen looked much better in pass protection than in the run game tonight. Looked technically sound and did a solid job against a variety of pass rushing moves. My problem was in the run game when he was asked to work in space. On three different occasions he completely missed his blocker when going to the second level.

For the LBs Uona Kaveinga and Brandon Ogletree, they were impressive. They took good angels and attacked the line on every run play. Very sure tacklers who don’t quit in their pursuit and looked very disciplined. Kaveinga showed his hustle on getting an interception of a tipped passed and blew up two running plays when he destroyed the FB in the hole on both occasions.

Neither was asked to rush the passer much, but they still made their impact felt on the field.

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