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NCAA Football

Big Plays Push Cadillac Vikings Past Glenn Bobcats

Not all victories are easy and this is something that the 2-0 Cadillac Vikings will agree with. Their game this week against the 0-2 Glenn Bobcats gave them everything they could handle and came out with the 15-14 victory.

This game was definitely a showcase of two defenses. There was no scoring in the first quarter and it was both teams feeling each other out. It came down to who would make the first mistake and that came in the second.

The highlight of the second quarter was that the Cadillac Vikings used a trick, double pass play that went for a touchdown. The Viking’s quarterback Jalen Brooks found Patrick Briggs on the sideline who then hit Logan Webb who took it 63 yards for a touchdown. Glenn looked like they were going to score before the half ended, but Cadillac stopped them on the goal line for a huge momentum boost. The score at halftime was 7-0 Cadillac.

The 3rd was much like the first in that no one could get much offense going to alter the score. The Viking defense was looking to pitch a shut-out and take the 7-0 victory, but that wasn’t to be.

Early into the final quarter of play, the Bobcats tied it up at 7-7 and then scored again later off of their quarterback Derrick Clyde’s 5 yard scramble. They lead 14-7 with just under 3 minutes in the game. The Vikings started their drive at the 24, but then fell to a 3rd and 10. After a pass play to get the 1st down up at the 40, they gained 7 more yards.

Brooks then found Briggs in the middle of the field and after a broken tackle took the ball 53 yards for the touchdown. They went for two and Brooks took that one in untouched to take the 15-14 lead. An interception sealed the game and gave them the victory.

This is the type of game I like to see, low scoring and a defensive struggle. In a game like this, having an offensive line like Cadillac becomes a major asset. The offense did amount a total of 296 yards, which is pretty good, but 116 yards of it came off of two plays. Glen’s defense could not prevent the big play and that was their downfall.

Cadillac played excellent for much of the game against Glenn. They 225 yards of total offense and gave up the 14 points. An issue though I did see was that all the scoring and much of the offense came in the fourth quarter. Both of their games this has happened, but the first game was a blow out. Their offense wasn’t dominating on the other side, so they were getting worn out. Going forward I see this being an asset by having survived. It is definitely an asset to play in stressful games for the experience.

The Viking’s standout tackle Riley Norman had a solid game again. You see the offensive output, which is a direct correlation from the quarterback staying upright, getting to his blocks and allowing some of these longer plays to develop. He also recorded 10 tackles on the other side of the ball, which is amazing.

It should be noted here that four of his teammates on defense also added 10 tackles apiece, which is quite unheard of. That is playing some great team defense and playing your assignment correctly.

Cadillac next week will travel to play a conference game against the 2-0 (1-0) Petoskey Northmen. This week the Northmen won big against the 1-0 Ogemaw Heights Falcons 34-8.

Glenn will travel to play the 2-0 Comstock Park Panthers. The Panthers went to Grand Rapids to play the 0-1 West Catholic Falcons and won 28-0.