Breaking Down the Colorado Buffaloes Preseason Depth Chart: Special Teams

By David LaRose

The Colorado Buffaloes preseason depth chart was recently unveiled and it has a freshman feel to it. Twenty-six freshmen are listed on the roster and most of them will receive plenty of playing time this season.

One of the places where a lot of freshmen are expected to play is on special teams.

I’ve previewed the offensive and defensive depth chart already so now here is the special teams depth chart.

Some snap observations from the special teams two-deep chart:

Kicker: No. 1 Will Oliver, No. 2 Justin Castor

Oliver is entering his sophomore season after a solid start to his career last year as a freshman. He went 11-16 last season, but four of his five misses were blocked. He had a difficult time transitioning from kicking off a tee, like he did in high school, to kicking off the ground last season. Now that is all behind him and he is looking to improve his numbers when his name is called.

Punter: No. 1 Darragh O’Neill, No. 2 Zach Grossnickle

It’s pretty rare to have two freshmen kickers starting for a college program, but last season CU had just that with Oliver and O’Neill. He had an impressive first season averaging, 42 yards per punt and around 4.4 seconds of hang time. He worked this offseason on improving his hang time by doing ballistic jumps with a weighted vest on and he hopes that it pays off this season. An interesting fact about O’Neill is that he has the ability to punt with both his left and right leg.

Punt/Kick Returner

Punts: No. 1 Kenneth Crawley, No. 2 D.D. Goodson

Kicks: No. 1 Marques Mosley, No. 2 Donta Abron

Freshmen populate the returners as Crawley and Mosley will be the main guys returning the kicks. Both guys are extremely quick and athletic and should be game-changers.

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