Jungle Bird: Man Who Crashed the US Open Does an Irish Jig in the Endzone

By Bryan Lutz


Jungle Bird, the man who infamously videobombed Webb Simpson’s interview after he won the US Open made his triumpth return to our television sets this morning, rushing the field during the Notre Dame-Navy game, doing an “irish jig” in the process. Jungle Bird was detained – eventually – once he reached the sidelines. What makes this even more awesome is once he was done, there was no security in sight. If he did this in the States, he probably would have been beaten to a pulp.

This guy is awesome. I’m also glad CBS actually showed the guy. For some reason, we in the States don’t appreciate a good fan interruption. Thanks to violent ones like we saw against Tom Gamboa in Chicago, we get a little uneasy every time we see a fan try to have his fifteen seconds of fame. However, in Europe, this is a much more of a commonality.

The game – like Jungle Bird – was pretty solid in its own right, as the Irish are pummeling the Midshipmen 40-10 as I am writing this right now. It’s clear they don’t really miss starting running back, Cierre Wood, all that much, with George Atkinson and Theo Riddick carrying the load. It’s also really nice to see a different quarterback than Tommy Rees, any Notre Dame fan can agree with that premise.

To close, props to you Jungle Bird. I hope this isn’t the last we see of you. Maybe you can attack the World Series next, or better yet the Super Bowl! You’re welcome here anytime!

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