Missouri's Sheldon Richardson: Georgia Like "Old Man Football"

By Michael Collins

Missouri has yet to play an SEC game since being admitted into the conference, but Tigers defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson seems pretty confident about their chances in the nation’s top conference this season.  In fact, some of his remarks come off as inflammatory, and border on disrespectful.

I guess it’s better to chirp and brag while you are still undefeated in the conference.

When asked about Missouri’s Sept.8 opponent, Georgia, and their game against Buffalo, Richardson said, “I watched that game. I turned it off, too.”  He added, “It’s like watching Big Ten football. It’s old man football.”

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Its not often that a player basically insults two conferences in a single quote, and if “old man football” is a true freshman getting 200 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns in his first ever game, then I’m ok with Georgia playing that type of ball.

But as if throwing down the gauntlet to one of the top ranked teams in the nation’s most dominant conference weren’t enough, Richardson had the marbles to further speak his mind about the SEC, by saying, “If we execute nobody in this league can touch us. Period.”

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That’s quite a bit of brash commentary coming from someone who’s team couldn’t even remain “untouched” in a much weaker Big-12, going a combined 20-13 in conference play in the past four seasons.

Not that Georgia, or any other team from the SEC, needs any additional motivation, but quotes like Richardson’s only provide bulletin board material to simply fuel the fire. Richardson just pulled the equivalent of the new kid on the block walking into the sandlot and proclaiming that he’s already the best player on the field before even breaking a sweat.

Now while Georgia certainly did not play the most eloquent, flawless game against Buffalo, it’s certain that they also didn’t unveil a good portion of their playbook either.  To overtly braggart upon yourself against a team your school has not faced since 1960 is just silly. But then to proclaim yourself as king of the mountain in the conference — which by the way is home to the last six national champions — that you just joined?

Go ahead Sheldon, posuit pedem tuum in ore tuo.

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