RB Aregeros Turner Had Rough Night Rushing, Still Defeat Firestone On the Road

By David Garrett

The 2-0 Copley Indians won a thriller to stay unbeaten when they traveled to the 0-2 Firestone Falcons. In a game where Aregeros Turner didn’t record good stats, he was picked up by teammate Will Thomas, who helped the Indians score the 34-27 victory.

Thomas is a junior kick and punt returner as well as a cornerback for Copley. On the opening kick, he mishandled it and fumbled the ball to the Falcons. They took advantage scoring a touchdown. On their first possession, Copley’s quarterback John Kromalic threw an interception that sent up another Falcons’ score, giving them a 14-0 lead.

The 2nd quarter provided more points as Firestone added another touchdown, but Copley got on the board with a touchdown themselves as well as a field goal. The score at the half was 21-10.

The third was a big quarter for the Indians. Kromalic on an option play kept the ball for a 41 yard run and Turner took in the ball for his first touchdown of the night. They also blasted a 56 yard punt that pinned Firestone on their own 4 yard line. After forcing a fumbling, Turner took in another one and gave Copley the 24-21 lead.

The final quarter of play proved to be very exciting. Copley added another field goal to their total. Firestone scored to tie up the game up, but they couldn’t get the extra point. They got the ball back, but their offense stalled. Thomas went back to return it and looked to redeem himself. He caught the ball at his team’s 19 yard line. He dodged three tacklers and wasn’t going to be stopped as he took it the 81 yards for touchdown and taking the lead back for the Indians.

On the Falcons final possession, he also picked off a pass, effectively ending the game 34-27.

Turner didn’t have the game I expected him too, but luckily the defense and Thomas picked him up. Turner only rushed for 65 yards, but he did have 2 touchdowns. The stats don’t show it, but he did run hard and help keep his team in the game.

The unsung hero has to be Thomas, who despite the early turnover, got it back and contributed with an interception to seal the game.

The defense for Copley also has to be acknowledged. They did give up 27 points, but after the special teams and offense gave Firestone two short fields to work with, they did a great job at holding them off. They helped the offense get going as well by forcing 4 turnovers, 2 picks and 2 fumbles.

If this team wants to continue to have success though, the offensive line is going to need to open up better holes for Turner. He shows that he is a strong runner, but he is a speed guy and he can’t make things happen unless he has a seam. One thing that I have noticed about Turner is that he does run extremely hard, which is a great thing for a running back and he can make things happen. If the offense can give him a little bit of help, he will do just that in turn for them.

Copley will play host to the 1-1 Orrville Red Riders. Orrville hosted the 0-1 Triway Titans who defeated the home team 29-20.

Firestone will look to score their first victory as they travel to the 1-1 Stow-Munroe Bulldogs. The Bulldogs defeated the 1-0 Roosevelt Rough Riders by the score of 33-26.

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