Warren De La Salle Pilots Are Crushed By Powerhouse St. Ignatius

By David Garrett

The best way to gauge your team is to play another elite team. That is what the 1-1 Warren De La Salle Pilots did when they traveled down to Cleveland to play the 2-0 St. Ignatius Wildcats. The Wildcats rolled to a big victory with a score of 49-13.

St. Ignatius started scoring early and never looked back. They scored first from a LaManna pass to Hennessey for 8 yards. They added another score on a Tim McVey 1 yard run. At the end of the 1st quarter, the Wildcats lead 14-0.

McVey scored another touchdown from 8 yards out and then caught a pass for a score from LaManna that went for 43 yards. LaManna hit Hennessey again for 25 yards. After they hit 35 yard field goal, the score at halftime was 38-0.

The Pilots offense could not mount any attack and was tackled in their end zone for a safety. LaManna found another receiver, Zingale, for a 37 yard touchdown pass. The Pilots finally got on the board with a 17 yard touchdown run from Lilly. The score going into the fourth was 47-7.

De La Salle pulled their starters and their back-up quarterback Rescigno threw a touchdown pass Kaschalk for 28 yards. Their offense continued to struggle as the Wildcats tackled them again for another safety, making the final score 49-13.

De La Salle needs to learn from this game. They played a tough team and even though they were soundly defeated, can use the experience. They can’t let this loss get them down and need to bounce back next week. They need to see what didn’t work against this tough defense and what to look on going forward. Shane Morris needs to play better and the line needs to get better to protect him.

Working on the running game could be something that would benefit them as well to help alleviate pressure. The pressure that the Wildcat defensive line put on is not something they won’t see every week, but in case they do, they need to figure out a way to slow it down.

The defense also needs to tighten up. They did go up against a really good quarterback and running back combo. The receiving group that the Wildcats bring in is solid too. The Pilots ran into an almost nearly complete team that is looking to compete for the national high school title. As I have stated above, De La Salle needs to look at the game film and then learn from it. This is still a long season and their goal is still the same.

Going forward, the Warren De La Salle Pilots will host the 2-0 Fordson Tractors. Fordson played the 1-0 Thurston Eagles and defeated the Eagles 35-14.

The St. Ignatius Wildcats will play at home against the 2-0 Mentor Cardinals. The Cardinals traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania to play McDowell Trojans scoring the 34-27 victory.

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