Iowa vs. Iowa State Game Unenjoyable for Many Hawkeye Fans

By Andrew Fisher

For fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones, it’s rivalry week. The teams will clash this Saturday at Kinnick Stadium to fight for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.

Now for some fans this is a really big week, and possibly even the biggest game of the year. However for many Hawkeye fans like myself, this game is far from enjoyable.

Due to Iowa’s historical dominance in this series, and the overall prestige of the programs, some feel that the Hawkeyes should win this game every year. They get better recruits, and finish almost every season with a better record than the Cyclones.

I know that rivalry games are a toss up, and while there might be a favored team, anything can happen when two rivals duke it out. But regardless, I still expect Iowa to win every year.

I think it’s mainly because I can’t ever remember thinking that Iowa was truly outmatched against against Iowa State. Even in down years, Iowa has a very good chance of winning.

So with that comes my thought that I expect Iowa to win every year, because they can.

Due to this fact, the game has become very unenjoyable to me. It’s a lose-lose situation. I don’t even feel good with a close win, let alone the dreaded loss. I only feel good if Iowa wins by multiple scores, because in my mind that’s how it should go every year.

Furthermore, I think it’s fair to say that this game is a bigger deal to Iowa State than Iowa. I’m not going to call it ISU’s Super Bowl, but this game is huge for them.

As an Iowa fan, it’s just the second game of the season. Beating the Cyclones is not that big of an accomplishment outside the borders of the state.

While I respect that this game is a big deal to some, I just don’t feel the same, and I know I’m not alone. Sure I like to have “bragging rights,” but it’s just not something worth bragging about.

The joke is on me however, because I’ll sit there and watch every play and see the reality of another close game that could go either way. The only relief will come when the game is over, and I can move on to thinking about week three.

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