Michigan is subject of Michigan State trash talk on Twitter

By Patrick Schmidt
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Michigan State sure knows how to kick a man when he’s down.  Michigan had a rough weekend losing to defending champion Alabama in the Cowboy Classic on national television Saturday night.

As if that loss wasn’t bad enough for the Wolverines, they were subjected to some good natured trash talk from their rival Michigan State via Twitter after the 27-point blowout loss to the #2 team in the nation.

Michigan State defeated Boise State in their opening game the night before and had all Saturday night to watch the marquee game of the opening game of opening weekend in college football.

Some coaches have frowned on the use of the micro-blogging social media website in the past few years as it has gotten some players in a bit of hot water with their coaches for putting their foot in their mouth.

Of the outspoken Spartans to talk a little smack to their neighbors in the “Great Lake State” and Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson were linebacker Denicos Allen, saying “Is this guy really a QB I’ll say my mans (walk-on Tommy Vento) is a better QB lol.”

His fellow linebacker, Jamal Lyles had doesn’t think Robinson is in the same league as his teammate and running back Le’Veon Bell who ran for over 200 yards in the win over Boise.

“I can play quarterback for the school in blue. (Le’Veon Bell) for heisman > the other guy in the great state of michigan (sic).”

Furthermore, safety Kyle Artinian had this to say about the Wolverine quarterback, “DENARD IS SOOOO BAD! And it makes me feel so good.”

I’m not sure Spartans head coach is laughing out loud at these tweets like Allen is, but it adds more fuel to the fire in this rivalry.  Not that it needed any with Michigan State taking the last four games these two teams have squared off.

The October 20th game between these two in Ann Arbor was likely already circled on the calendars prior to the twitter trash talking, but now it’s probably bolded and underlined a few times.

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