Alabama Football: Week 2 Means Back to Business as Usual

By Allen Faul

The University of Alabama football team may be coming off a win over a top ten opponent, but for the Crimson Tide life goes on as it is back to business as usual.

Alabama didn’t just beat the Michigan Wolverines to open up the season they destroyed them. While their ranking in the national polls may soon change, that may be one of the few things changing around Tuscaloosa

“Everyone thought that we were too young, too inexperienced and we couldn’t handle success. Everyone was saying those things about our team” Alabama head coach Nick Saban started during his weekly press conference. “Now, people are saying something different. My question is, ‘What’s different?’ Nothing.”

Truth be told not a lot has changed.  Saturday saw the offense deliver an as expected performance, but inexperience in the secondary was just as much the story as the unit’s inexperience cost Alabama 14 points.

Saturday’s win over the Wolverines was the perfect victory for the Crimson Tide. It reestablished themselves as one of the top teams in the country while simultaneously showing them where they need to improve.

“After watching the film, I think we did some good things early. I really liked our intensity and the way we played, and obviously I don’t think we played complacent, which is something we were trying to avoid. I definitely think the execution was average” reigning Outland Trophy winner Barrett Jones said.

“We made a lot of mistakes, and honestly left a lot of points out there. I think we kind of let off the gas of a little bit in the second and third quarters, which is kind of disappointing, but we finished strong.”


A lot of mistakes? Average execution? Leaving points on the field?

Alabama sounds like they were a team that got shelled in their first matchup, not a team that hung 41 points on the eighth ranked team in the country.  But that is what makes this year’s version of the Crimson Tide great. Unlike previous teams, this squad is not satisfied with what they have accomplished in the past, only focused on the task at hand-a message that comes from the top and trickles down to the team leaders, then relayed to the entire team.

“We’re already past that game. When the team came and worked out (Sunday) we called a meeting and told everyone that was just the first game and its not the best we can do” junior linebacker CJ Mosley declared.  “Coach Saban then came in and said the same thing.”

The 2010 version of the Crimson Tide would have been content with a 27 point victory in the first game of the season.  That same team would have believed that they could show up on Saturday afternoons and beat any team in the country based on their raw talent.

Unfortunately for the rest of the country, this is 2012 and the Tide aren’t satisfied. The only that will satisfy this team is hoisting another crystal ball in the air.

So until then, its just business as usual.

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