Jay Prosch Will Be in Starkville After Mother's Funeral

By Brandon Miller

Jay Prosch has shown he is a man on the football field the past three seasons while playing and striving at one of the most physical positions on the field, fullback. However, after Auburn Coach Gene Chizik announced the junior’s plans for the remainder of the week after his mother’s death yesterday, it is now known Prosch is a man off the field, as well.

Chizik explained Prosch is attending classes today and tomorrow before going home to Mobile for his mother’s funeral Thursday. Afterward, the fullback will be in Starkville Saturday in pads ready to face Mississippi State in the Tigers’ SEC opener.

“This is the way he wanted to do it,” Chizik said. “I’m proud of him.”


Putting football to the side, losing a mother is something everyone fears, but one day must deal with. However, to lose your mother to brain cancer as a college student. While Prosch has not been available for comment since Saturday, his actions show he is taking his loss in stride, while we all know there’s more to it than that.

Prosch transferred from Illinois after the 2011 season because of its mother’s illness. Due to her condition, the NCAA said Prosch would not have to sit out during the 2012 season, which is the normal policy. Since Monday morning, responses through social media have shown how supportive and proud the Auburn Family is of its new starting fullback.

Chizik announced Tuesday morning center Reese Dismukes will play Saturday, as well. The 2011 starter has been indefinitely suspended since August 25 after an arrest in downtown Auburn. The coach said it has not been decided if the sophomore will starter over Tunde Fariyike, who stepped in for Dismukes for the opener last Saturday. Chizik added DeAngelo Benton is practicing with the team, but still suspended indefinitely.

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