NFL Draft: Prospect Recap - Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech

By Jeremy Cabler

Note: Only Seniors being observed at this point.


Prospect recap:

Virginia Tech Hokies

Other than QB Logan Thomas, the Hokies had a couple of prospects I was keeping my eye on offensively. LT Nick Becton and WR Marcus Davis.

For Becton he didn’t really impress me much in this game. He has nice length and long arms, but didn’t show much strength, especially in the run game. He had numerous occasions where he just catches his defenders instead off firing off the ball and driving them off the line. In pass protection his long arms are an asset, but had trouble moving his feet and staying with the DE, especially when he got beat off the line. As a hole the Hokies offensive line was unimpressive, and that included Becton.

Davis had a better night. The first ball that was thrown his way was under thrown, but came back with a quick pass that he caught at the line and took for 12 yards. Late in the game on a quick slant he does a great job of getting yardage after a missed tackle. Shows pretty decent wiggle in open field and will make defenders work to get him down.

He had two really nice snags in this game, but also had a pretty bad drop where he was looking to run before he caught it. Early in the game it seemed he ran the wrong route and heard it from Thomas when he got back to the huddle.

But overall, I really like Davis. He showed solid hands and has excellent size for the NFL at 6-foot-4, 228 lbs.

On defense, LB Bruce Taylor was the guy I was keeping an eye out for but LB Jeron Gouveia-Wilson was the one who stood out. Gouveia-Wilson was all over the place and delivered some huge hits. He’s someone that I’m going to keep tabs on as the season progresses.

For Taylor, it was a mixed-bag. He lined up at both LOLB and ROLB and was playing on the line to start the game. He attacks hard, but puts himself out of position at times. When Georgia Tech ran options to his side, he did do a good job at disrupting the timing, but when they ran it to the oppsite side, he never persued the play and looked disinterested.

He gets lost in the wash when he’s playing ILB which is never a good sign, and on the Yellow Jackets first TD of the game, he doesn’t get disengaged from the blocker and gives up on the play. He looks the part, and shows good closing speed, but I was expecting more from him in this game.

Georgia Tech Yellowjackets

RB Orwin Smith was a non-factor running the ball, but finished the game as the Yellow Jackets leading receiver. Several times he lined up in the slot a did a good job coming back to the ball for a first down. Smith showed decent speed in the open field, but he’s much quicker than he is fast. He left the game late with an apparent shoulder injury. Hard to get a true read on him as a RB since he only logged 4 carries.

Another player that was tough to get a true read on was OG Omoregie Uzzi. With GT’s lack of pass attempts, we really never saw what he he could do in pass protection. And when I was watching him, I saw mainly cut blocks, which is a staple of their option offense.

DE Izaan Cross was a high motor player with active hands. He wasn’t a constant threat, but did beat Nick Becton up field on several occasions. Lined up at DT when GT showed a four man front as well.

For the most part CB Rod Sweeting had a nice game. Excelled in man coverage earlier and had two pass break ups where he located the ball and knocked it away.

Marcus Davis ran two go routes that Sweeting did a good job. He got out of his stance quikcly and never got too high when backpedaling.

However, early in the game he was shying away from run support, but did a much better job later in the game in that area. Made a nice play at the line on a quick screen that he blew up and prevented from going anywhere.

Unfortunately, he had a rough drive in the fourth quarter. He missed a tackle on a quick slant that went for big yardage. And when lined up opposite of Demitri Knowles, he got lazy in coverage and underestimated Knowles’ speed. Allowed the WR to get on top of him rather quickly and didn’t have the speed to catch up. Despite being flagged for pass interference, Knowles still caught the TD to give the Hokies the lead.

Despite that drive, I still came away impressed with Sweeting’s overall coverage skills.

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