RB Aregeros Turner, Copley Look For More Success Against Red Riders

By David Garrett

Coming off of a rough last game, Aregeros Turner is looking to bounce back. His stats for some backs aren’t all that bad, rushing for 65 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns, but when you had what he had in his first game, 114 yards on 11 carries with 4 touchdowns and 75 yards receiving with another touchdown, it definitely is not as good. He will look to gain some yards and score more this week when his 2-0 Copley Indians will play the 1-1 Orrville Red Riders.

Orrville in their first game traveled to play the Northwest Indians and scored a 24-20 win. In that game they scored three touchdowns, 2 of them through the air and another from the defense.

In their second game they played the Triway Titans. They came up short in that game, losing 29-20. In that game they also scored 3 touchdowns, 2 passing and 1 rushing.

Looking at the stats, it looks like the Red Riders are going to be looking to throw the ball first. They already have 4 touchdown passes in their first two games. What Copley is going to have to do is to shut that down first. Thus far they have been giving up 24.5 points a game. Some of that is alleviated, because of some turnovers that have forced them into a short field. They also want to make sure they don’t get too caught up looking for the pass and get surprised by the run as well.

Orrville’s defense looks like it might be susceptible to the pass themselves as well; at least they looked like they were against Triway. That isn’t necessarily Copley’s game, but that is something that they could use to their advantage. The Indians’ quarterback John Kromalic had a rough night in their last game as well, going 6 for 19 for 54 yards with a touchdown and an interception. I think that is something that could work on, but they are going to be much more productive in using it.

Of course it is also a great idea to get Turner going on the ground or even using him in the passing game. When you have a talent like that, you need to use him.

Last year when these two teams played, Copley scored a 13-7 on the road. I look for something similar this year. I think the Indians could run away with it if they can get Turner going. He is really quick and any sort of seam he gets could have him off to the races. If Orrville’s passing game gets going, it could be a long night for Copley, but it looks like that is something they are susceptible as well. I think there will be more scoring this year, but I see Copley scoring the victory at home. I predict the score being 31-24.

This game will be played Friday at 7:00 p.m. on September 7th at Copley High School.

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