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Suspension for Notre Dame Analyst Allen Pinkett


Notre Dame announced their verdict regarding the punishment for radio analyst Allen Pinkett following his inflammatory comments made last week.

Pinkett will be suspended for two more games, meaning the former All-American tailback for the Irish will be suspended for three games after being forced out of the booth for the opener vs. Navy on Saturday.

Suggesting the program needs some bad citizens and criminals to make the team better equipped to compete against the nation’s elite drew fire from the media and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, who derided the comments.

Rumors circulated last week that the school considered firing Pinkett for the negative light he cast on the university and the football program, but after a time of reflection, they decided a suspension was the right punishment.

According to the Notre Dame IGN network: “After careful deliberation and thorough discussion, we believe the right decision is to allow a truly repentant Allen Pinkett an opportunity to return to the booth beginning with the fourth game of the college football season.”

I think this is a fair suspension and Pinkett should be thankful that he gets to keep his job after the embarrassing comments he made while appearing on the radio in Chicago. Add him to the list of those associated with the program to suffer a suspension for his actions off the field.

Pinkett will make his return to the broadcast booth for the Michigan contest on Sept. 22.

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