College Football Recruiting: Nebraska's Trip To UCLA Big For Recruiting

By Will Wilson

It’s no secret that the state of California is a hot bed for coaches and recruiting. Several of the nations top recruits come from out west and players are not afraid to take their talents away from home.

Bo Pelini and Nebraska know this weekend’s game in Los Angeles against UCLA could help boost recruiting. California has been good to the Huskers in the past and it’s one of their man areas they like to recruit. They recently picked up stud quarterback Johnny Stanton and landed three others a season ago.

A win at the Rose Bowl against UCLA will certainly help their future efforts. Getting exposure out west is going to show recruits just how the Huskers like to play – ground and pound with Rex Burkhead and all of a sudden taking shots down the field with Taylor Martinez’ new throwing ability.

Even though the Big Ten’s partnership with the Pac 12 fell through, there still are several non-conference matchups with Pac 12 teams in the future. That’s something to keep in mind when recruits are deciding where to commit. They are going to want to play in front of their friends and family but at the same time have a chance to go away from home and play.

If Nebraska can come out of California with a win, they’ll only help themselves in drawing recruits to Lincoln. Nebraska has a chance to surprise people this season in the Big Ten and around the country.

Their game against UCLA is a big one.

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