Hoosiers Planning To Make QB Tre Roberson More Of a Passer This Season

By joshdhani

Last Saturday, Tre Roberson played like a different type of player when the Indiana Hoosiers defeated the Indiana State Sycamores to open up college football season. Roberson played more like a traditional quarterback, being more of a solid passer than he was a scrambler, like he was a run-first QB last season.

Roberson did pretty good in the opener and plans to do the same when they face UMass this week. Head coach Kevin Wilson says that Roberson will still run, but not as much as he used to.

“We went into that game not wanting to run him,” Wilson told the Indianapolis Star. “But he’ll scramble around. And we’ll move the pocket with some bootlegs and some run-pass options for him. But when you go through 12 games and there’s a lot of hits that those guys take, I just felt that early it would be nice to not run him.”

Wilson also says that Roberson will continue to run in future games, but passing will be his priority from now on.

“We’ll run him when we need him to and in the more critical times in games,” the coach said. “But early we were trying to force a style of play to see if we could have a little bit more balance and be a little more traditional.

“And as he moves forward, I think he’ll show that he can be a reasonably complete quarterback.”

Along with that, the Hoosiers will have wide receiver Kofi Hughes, cornerback Lawrence Barnett and linebacker Flo Hardin returning this Saturday as they come off from a one-game suspension.

We’ll see if the Hoosiers can improve their record to 2-0 on the season with a win this weekend.


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