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Kansas State Football Superfan The Mask Is Here to Pump You Up

Every now and then, a fan’s fan emerges from the pack that catches the attention of the viral video nation– whether they are totally serious, or, not.

The K-State Mask is the newest Internet sensation, panning on all things Kansas State Wildcats football and it’s no wonder why. The magical combination of tongue-in-cheek humor, fat guy t-shirts, mystical Native American background music, a tight lucha libre style mask, and the Kansas drawl is absolutely magical.

Don’t believe me?

Check out his breakdown of the Wildcats victory over Missouri State and a look ahead to the Miami Hurricanes in Manhattan this Saturday:

Some NSFW around the 2:15 mark…

As expected, the Mask has gotten criticism from fans of the program whose collective sarcasm meters must have broken a long time ago– assuming he is “telling Bill Snyder how to coach”.

What planet are you people from? Are you freaking kidding me?

The Mask is as self-aware as they come. Sure, he’s throwing in a few tidbits about how Collin Klein should run more or how Jon Hubert should stay out of trouble, but you seriously think he’s trying to out-coach Bill Snyder?

Infinite lols. Take it easy there.

Enjoy the Mask for what he is folks: good, solid comedy. I hope he continues on throughout the season breaking down Kansas State football.  I’ll be watching his insight and previews weekly, without fail.

After all he digs Tyler Lockett‘s furocity.

Hell, he’s better than half the college football pundits out there that do this stuff full-time, if you ask me, and he’s not even trying.

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