RB Berkley Edwards Looks To Shake Off Bad Game Against Bedford

By David Garrett

Putting it all together is something the 0-2 Chelsea Bulldogs and their running back Berkley Edwards are still trying to do. In their first game against the Jackson Lumen Christi Titans, their offense had no trouble racking up points and yards, but their defense couldn’t slow them down. In their second game against the East Lansing Trojans, it was the complete opposite as they were shut-out 27-0. Will they be able to get on track this week against the 1-1 Bedford Kicking Mules? It won’t be easy though.

Bedford will be hosting Chelsea this week and they are looking to get back on track themselves. In their first game, they dominated the Utica Ford Falcons 43-3. Everything seemed to be working for the Kicking Mules in that game, but Utica Ford isn’t the strongest of opponents either.

Bedford though, were handled themselves in their last game when they played against the Toledo Catholic Central Fighting Irish. Bedford scored 28 in that game, but they couldn’t stop the onslaught as they went down 49-28.

Chelsea is going to be in for a lot of trouble this week. Defensively it is going to be tough. Chelsea couldn’t stop the running game of Lumen Christi and Bedford’s offense is averaging 35.5 points a game. They are going to need to do more of what they did in their second game if they want a chance to win.

On offense, they need to get back to the basics like they did last week. Their best player is Edwards. He had a big game against the Titans, but their defense couldn’t stop them. He struggled with the pressure of East Lansing’s defensive line. They are going to need to find some success in the air or get to their blocks if they want Edwards to do damage. Bedford’s defense is hard to gauge since they shut down a team that isn’t good in Utica Ford and couldn’t stop a really good team in Catholic Central.

These two teams did not play last year, so I don’t have any history to go off for this game. Seeing what the two teams have done this far, I feel like Bedford is the more complete team. Chelsea has yet to put together a good game on both sides of the ball and they are coming up against a team that if they want to win needs to do that. I don’t see that happening this week. Depending on which side of the ball plays better for Chelsea will decide what the final outcome of the game is. My prediction is that the defense will play solid and the offense for Chelsea will show improvement. The final score will 35-21, with the Kicking Mules winning this game at home.

This game will be played at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 7th at Bedford High School.

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