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Delta Airlines Adds One-Time Flight for Georgia-Missouri College Football Tilt

Delta Airlines has a strong foothold in the South, and given the current shaky state of the economy in general– and the airline industry in particular– they also appear to have their pulse on potential business opportunities when they present themselves.

Due to the overwhelming demand of Georgia Bulldogs college football fans to travel to Columbia, Missouri (sorry there Dawgs fans) for the team’s matchup with the Missouri Tigers, Delta has added a one-time, unique direct flight from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport to Columbia Municipal Airport. This flight is like traveling from civilization to a third-world country, but I’ll leave my opinions of Columbia at that.

I only had one occasion to visit the Missouri backwater during the tail-end of my college days for a fraternity function, and needless to say, we were like strangers in a strange land.

I digress.

The ticket will be a nice little pop in the wallet to even the most wealthy Georgia fan, as, depending on demand, the tickets could go for as much at $660 by the end of the day today.

A Delta spokesperson had the following to say about the need for the unique flight:

This is all about the football game. We occasionally, when we see an event like this, where we figure there’s going to be a lot of additional customer demand, and when we have airplanes available we will go ahead and schedule extra flights to accommodate those customers who want to get there.

I don’t know that second statement is completely true, given I’ve never heard of anything like this previously, but that could just be due to my own ignorance.

Either way, I sure it’s welcomed by the Columbia powers-that-be, especially given no one would make a conscious effort to visit their town otherwise if it weren’t for football. It’s also a win for Georgia fans who would have been facing a mind-bendingly boring 12 hour drive otherwise.

Good for you Delta.

You’re a winner, at least for today.

H/t to Saturdays Down South.

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