Texas A&M Aggies "Win" Two Additional Football National Titles This Summer

By Marian Hinton

It’s been one heck of a year for the Texas A&M Aggies. First, they parted ways with their long-time arch rivals, the Texas Longhorns, and set their sights on what they perceive to be the greener pastures of the SEC–at least pastures in which no Longhorns dwell.

To commemorate the event, the Texas A&M sports marketing department decided to frivolously add two additional NCAA football national championships to their resume over the summer without even playing a game.

How, you ask?

Well, for years, the Aggies have boasted one football national title, which they won nearly three-quarters of a century ago in 1939.

Yet the Aggies have now decided that, in order to better fit in with their new conference foes, that they will also claim national titles from 1919 and 1927 as well.

In addition to now claiming themselves as three-time national champions, they’ve even taken it a step further by “updating” their stadium with their latest accolades.

The following picture of Kyle Field was taken just last year, proudly displaying their 1939 National Championship along with their 17 conference titles.


Now, a mere nine months later, the Aggies’ storied history has changed quite drastically as evidenced in their new stadium upgrades shown below:


Apparently, Texas A&M has decided to go back and rewrite the record books.

In 1919, Illinois, Harvard, Notre Dame and A&M all received a national championship from at least one different publication, but Harvard and Illinois received the first-place vote in more publications.

In 1927, Texas A&M received a retroactive national championship from the “Poling System,” a ranking method developed by a Mr. Polin in Ohio in 1935, but it was retroactively given to A&M for the 1927 season.

Now, 80 and 90 years later, the Aggies have decided that they will claim them as well.

And about those new conference titles:

In 1997, the Aggies finished 6-2 in conference play and faced the 8-0 Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Big XII title game. They lost to the Big Red by a score of 54-15, but that didn’t stop them from claiming their Big 12 South title as a full-fledged conference championship.

They also now claim to have been conference champions in 2010. That’s partially true, but what they fail to mention is that they finished third in a three-way tie for the Big 12 South crown that season, and didn’t even represent the division in the Big 12 Championship game. But again, why not claim the title? They were close, right?

Clearly, the Aggies have had a great off-season: new conference, new head coach in Kevin Sumlin, three new conference titles, two new national championships.

And all of this without even taking the field.

Well done, Aggies. Well done.


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