Al Pacino to portray Joe Paterno in film

By Patrick Schmidt

Al Pacino is set to portray former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno in a forthcoming movie.

The man that gave us Michael Corleone, Tony Montana, Frank Serpico, and Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade will don the Coke bottle glasses and khakis Paterno sported on the sidelines for 45 years as coach of the Nittany Lions.

Pacino will assuredly put a unique spin on the portrayal of the former all-time wins leader in NCAA history given his voracious method of acting.

Do you think Pacino is a good choice to play Paterno in this film? Who would you like to see play Paterno?  Should a movie even be made documenting Paterno in the first place?

I just cannot picture the man who gave us a new use for a chainsaw in Scarface and gave us an epic catchphrase in Scent of a Woman will portray the guy that up until last year was seen as the lovable Joe Pa.

This will not the first time Pacino channeled his inner Vince Lombardi and played a football coach for a film.  In Any Given Sunday Pacino was the coach of a fictitious Miami franchise in the Oliver Stone film.

This role will be a stark contrast to the flamboyant role he played in Any Given Sunday, and will be largely based off the New York Times bestseller, Paterno, written by Joe Posnanski, according to Sports Illustrated.

Given the role Paterno played in the scandal that rocked State the past year, you have to wonder how many lines Pacino will have given the fact Paterno was mum on the whole Jerry Sandusky sex scandal.

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