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Georgia Bulldogs LB Christian Robinson Talks Mizzou, Mohawks, And Old Man Football

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The Georgia Bulldogs are off to Missouri this weekend and may be without junior middle linebacker Alec Ogletree for their first SEC match-up of the year.

Thankfully for the Bulldogs they have a capable backup in senior Christian Robinson.

Robinson notched 47 tackles last season including 6.5 tackles for a loss. He started in Ogletree’s spot in the season opener against Buffalo and made five tackles. The senior will once again start in Ogletree’s place if the junior is not able to play.

I caught up with Christian earlier this week to talk Mizzou, mohawks, and a little about football.

It’s your fifth year with the Georgia Bulldogs, whats your favorite memory as a Bulldog?

Christian Robinson- I think one of my favorite memories would be jumping in the stands last year against Florida. I watched when I was in high school, Knowshon and those guys celebrate in the end zone. Whoever wins that’s what you do. You jump and celebrate with your fans and that’s probably my favorite memory. I was up their with my best friend, Ty Frix, and we got tons of pictures at the house of us up there.

What’s your least favorite memory during your time here?

Christian Robinson- I think, you know I didn’t play but my freshman year I got redshirted and we lost to (Georgia) Tech. When you lose to Tech, you hear about it the whole year and every fan comes out of the woodwork that kind of avoided you the year before. So, you gotta win that game. It’s a state rivalry and that was a rough one.

You made a comment on Media Day about being the only player in the SEC with a blonde mohawk going on.  (Missouri CB) E.J. Gaines has one too.

Christian Robinson- I’m noticing other people coming out of the woodwork. I did my whole hair blonde. I haven’t seen anyone do that but I kinda had to go down this route. So, I will let people join me as a blonde player.

James Franklin, he is a big quarterback and he can run. Is there anything that stands out on tape to you?

Christian Robinson- I think the unique style of offense they run being empty and having a big quarterback that has a strong arm and can run just adds so many more options they can do with him. They can get him out on the edge. They can roll-out. All those things make it harder on us. We just have to be prepared.

Do you think Georgia plays “old man football” using the pro-style offense?

Christian Robinson- I take it as a compliment. If I’m taking it as I think he meant it, we play a pro-style, very, I guess what you would say “older” football and I take it as a compliment. You know we’re trying to get ready.


Chris Lionetti is a writer for Rant Sports with a focus on the SEC and Georgia Bulldogs.

Follow him on twitter at: @ChrisLionetti


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