Georgia Bulldogs: Ogletree, Rambo Don't Make Trip To Mizzou

By Chris Lionetti

What Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs tried to keep concealed all week has finally been revealed.

All-American safety Bacarri Rambo and junior linebacker Alec Ogletree did not make the trip to Missouri and will not play in tomorrow’s game.  Georgia had been tight-lipped all week about the status of the two athletes, just as they were last week before the Buffalo game.

Though there has been no official word from the university itself, multiple factors give credence to the belief that Rambo and Ogletree will not play this weekend.

For one, Mark Richt stated after Wednesday’s practice that any player that made the trip to Columbia, Missouri would be eligible to play against the Tigers. He quickly added in a joking manner to reporters that the travel roster would not be released until kickoff Saturday night, a continuation of the coach’s tight-lipped ways.

However, the Georgia Bulldogs themselves broke the news. A handful of players tweeted about their brethren not making the trip to Missouri. Defensive end Cornelius Washington tweeted earlier in the day that he would miss his teammates that were left behind. He then proceeded to list the twitter handles of Ogletree, Rambo, Sanders Commings (suspended 2 games), and Chase Vasser (suspended 2 games). The tweet was later removed.

Freshman running back Todd Gurley also sent out a tweet about his teammates but his was not removed.

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Interestingly enough, Gurley tweeted about the same players as Washington but also, included fullback Zander Ogletree, who did not play in the opener last week for unspecified reasons.

A grain of salt should be taken when using a teenager’s tweets as news, as a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed this late Friday afternoon.

According to the AJC, cornerback Sanders Commings made the trip to Missouri after all. Unlike Rambo and Ogletree, Commings’ suspension for a domestic battery charge was formally announced as a two game suspension.

Cornerback Branden Smith also was given a two game suspension to start the season but did not have to serve the suspension to a loophole in policy, setting precedent for Commings suspension to be reduced if that is the case. After all, Mark Richt said that every player that made the trip would be eligible to play.

Though it initially appeared the Georgia Bulldogs would be down four starters in their game against the Missouri Tigers but it now appears as if they will only miss three of their starters. Chase Vasser, suspended for a DUI, will not make an appearance until next week’s game.  No firm statement about Rambo and Ogletree has been released, so do not be surprised if one, both, or none of them suit up tomorrow against Missouri. Though for right now, it looks as if they will not play.


Chris Lionetti is a writer for Rant Sports focusing on the SEC and the Georgia Bulldogs

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