Wisconsin High School Football: Three Juniors Who Have Made Commitments

By Taylor Johnson

With Conor Sheehy committing to the Wisconsin Badgers yesterday, the total number of juniors who have made commitments already as to where they will play in the fall of 2014 sits at three. Below you will find a list of those juniors and coincidentally enough all three have decided to join Bret Bielema and company in Madison.

Jaden Gault OT Monona Grove– Gault is another one of those big athletic linemen that is a staple for the Badgers. At 6’6″ and 281 pounds, Gault explodes off the ball nicely and I can only see that improving not only the rest of this year, but also next year before he joins the Badgers. He has nice form on pass protection and is able to make pancake blocks when needed or block his defender and shoot up into the second level of defense. Another nice grab for Bielema and the Wisconsin Badgers.

George Panos OG Hartland Arrowhead– Joining Gault on the offensive line will be Arrowhead’s George Panos. Standing 6’5″ tall and weighing 285 pounds, Panos is able to keep a nice form and not stand straight up like most his age and size would be apt to do. He, like Gault looks great in pass protection and also will keep blocking down field until he hears a whistle. A small criticism would be his quickness right when the ball is snapped, but that is such a small critique and I don’t see how he won’t be able to improve on that in the next year. It’s a scary thought if you are any other team in the Big Ten knowing that you will have to face these two strong linemen on Saturdays.

Conor Sheehy DE Milwaukee Marquette– Like I said, Sheehy is the latest recruit to commit to Wisconsin. Sheehy is the type of end who stays in his assigned gap. He gets off the ball nicely and that will only improve the coming years. He’s strong and can get off the block and not only run down the ball carrier but also is able to sack the quarterback or disrupt passing lanes. He’s only going to get stronger is quicker this junior year and next year when he is a senior. Another good defensive pick up for the Badgers.

These three juniors will not only get better but smarter the rest of this year and into next year before they arrive in Madison. As of now, the Badgers 2014 class is shaping up to be a great one.

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