Iowa High School Football Coaches Suspended After Punishing Player

By Eric Domingo

Tom Mihalovich and two of his varsity assistant coaches have been suspended while Des Moines Public School officials investigate an incident involving former Lincoln sophomore player Dante Campero.

“That’s why I don’t go to lincoln game, because they get (expletive) destroyed by anyone whose half decent,” tweeted Campero.

Campero tweeted this comment after Ankeny defeated the Railsplitters 56-27. The tweet was removed and Campero posted various messages apologizing.

“Sorry if I offended anyone on the Lincoln varsity team…I know you guys work hard and put in the effort every day…It was a stupid comment,” says Campero.

It was completely unprofessional for the former Lincoln player to tweet that comment and he should be punished for it. It should be the responsibility of the coach to punish the former player and the player should understand.

Campero stated that he had to run a lot, but it was unclear how long or how far. One Lincoln player stated that Campero’s punishment was typical and nothing out of the ordinary.

“It was one of the basic things we do if we got out of line,” says Brendon Bolokor, a Lincoln senior offensive lineman.

Bolokor thinks Mihalovich is getting punished for giving Campero that punishment.

The former Lincoln coach released a statement that stated his suspension was unexpected and disappointing.

“I am known to be a tough but fair coach when there is an infraction or when athletes do not follow team rules,” says Mihalovich.

The Lincoln coach helped lead the team to a 57-51 record. Mihalovich also helped the Railsplitters reach the state playoffs in six of the last seven seasons.

Joe Bianchi, defensive coordinator for Lincoln, has been named the interim coach in Mihalovich’s absence.

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