Arkansas Razorbacks Stud Quarterback, Tyler Wilson Has Unclear Injury

By Paul Bentley
Nelson Chenault – US Presswire

As if losing to the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks isn’t enough, the Arkansas Razorbacks now have a bigger problem on their hands as senior quarterback Tyler Wilson missed the entire second half of yesterday’s game, leaving him with an unknown injury.

Wilson, who may have to unwillingly thrown in his towel in the Heisman trophy race, was knocked around hard in the shocking 34-31 overtime loss to the Louisiana-Monroe.  Not one, not two, but a handful of plays resulted in Wilson peeling himself up off the turf.

What is even more unfortunate, is that Wilson was continuing to throw the ball great, scoring two touchdowns in the opening half.

Initial reports stated that the Hogs leader suffered an “above the head” injury, and later said a broken collarbone.  The collarbone reports have recently been retracted.

Wilson had concussion issues in 2011 when he took a hard hit on a touchdown scamper in a game against the New Mexico Lobos and it appears his injury from last night is to the head.  Concussion symptoms tend to become more frequent as blows to the head increase which leaves Arkansas in a bad situation.

With all the recent media hype regarding head injuries in football, the Razorbacks will have to treat this issue with respect and honesty.  If there are concussion-like symptoms, they will have no choice but to sit their senior leader.

Although the loss to Louisiana-Monroe takes away from the sizzle that the showdown with the Alabama Crimson Tide had, next week’s game against Nick Saban and company is still hype for John L. Smith and the Razorbacks.  The game surely holds National Championship implications.

If Wilson is not able to play, expect to see freshman Brandon Allen get the start for the Hogs.  Allen only completed 6 passes on 20 attempts, as well as throwing an interception in his debut half against the Warhawks.  He did however throw his first career touchdown.


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