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Woody’s High Five, ACC Football Power Ranking

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Everybody loves a power ranking, right?

But, what exactly is a power ranking…

Most take a look at the square-root of the hypothosis based on the new moon of Libra in relation to the 23rd voter in the AP Poll and whether or not a team had bacon for breakfast to present to you, the fan, its fabulous P-O-W-E-R ranking.

In other cases, as in ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, he loves the Southern California Trojans and will do everything he can to have them always in his “Blazing 5″.

So with everyone having their own idea of a “Power Ranking”, what is the most important factors to determine the success of a team.

Its actual power, per say…



Way too subjective.




Again, Absolutely…

It’s always like the “smart” folks in college football are trying to out think the room in most cases.

But, nothing determines a team’s worth better than what it has done on the field.

So that philosophy is the foundation of Woody’s ACC Football High Five.

A simple average of every statistical category on offense and defense within the ACC, the Strength of Schedule of each ACC squad and how each team ranks nationally in offense and defense. Take that overall number and divide by 12 and vola… you have Woody’s High Five.

So with no further rambling, here is the first installment:

5. Virginia Tech Hokies (5.33) – The Hokies came up with an in conference statistically average of 5.4 combined for its offensive and defensive play right now. Virginia Tech is currently ranked 2nd or 3rd in its pass defense, but is toward the middle and bottom of the ACC in passing offense and rushing defensive categories. The Hokies currently boast the 3rd toughest schedule in the conference based on its performance and its opponents performance through Week 2. The big issue is nationally where Va. Tech averages 111.5 in its offensive and defensive performance to this point.

4. Clemson Tigers (4.91) - This one was a bit of a shocker. The eye test easily says Clemson has done the most so far in the season, but statistically that is a different story. In conference the Tigers rated out with an average of 5.2. Offensively, Clemson is in the top 3 in just about every category, but its the defensive stats that are killing its average. The Tigers are at the bottom of just about every defensive category and sits dead last in the ACC in rushing defense giving up an average of 216 yards per game. That is a major issue that must be corrected. Thanks to the Auburn Tigers imploding for its second loss without a win in 2012, Clemson has a Strength of Schedule rating at No. 4. Finally, the Tigers have a national rank of 36 when it comes to its offense and defense.

3. North Carolina Tar Heels (4.16) – Another surprise after blowing the game against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons Saturday. Statisically in the ACC the Tar Heels are solid pulling an average of 4.6. Carolina is in the top five in just about every category on offense and defense. Its lowest ranking in conference is at No. 8 in passing defense where the Heels are giving up 245 yards a game.  Carolina comes in with the No. 2 Strength of Schedule. The Heels pulled a national average of 29.75 for its offense and defense.

2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3.91) – The Jackets come in with a strong in conference average of 4.2, just edging the Tar Heels. Georgia Tech is in the Top 4 in every offensive and defensive category except for two. It is 6th in rushing defense and 11th in passing offense. The Yellow Jackets boast the toughest schedule to this point in conference thanks in large part to a 2-0 Virginia Tech team. Finally, the Jackets rank 39.5 nationally in combined offense and defense.

1. Florida State Seminoles (2.03) – For everyone who looks at the polls, this is not much of a surprise. But this ranking is not based on the fickle nature of the polls. The ‘Noles are tops in the conference with an impressive 1.7 average statistically in offense and defense. FSU is one, two or three in every ACC category except for passing offense which it comes in at No. 5. Its strength of schedule is the weakest point as it comes in dead last to this point in the conference. Nationally, the Seminoles are strong as well boasting a 16.5 average for its offensive and defensive production to this point.

So there you have it!

Sound, fact based research.

No opinions here.

Also making some noise was the Virginia Cavaliers who came up with a 5.75 overall average and Wake who came in at 8.33.

Some big games loom large for quite a few of these teams, so it will be interesting who can hang on to Woody’s High Five come the end of Week 3.


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