A Decision To Sit QB Tyler Wilson Should Already Have Been Made

By Allen Faul
Nelson Chenault-US Presswire

The biggest question around the University of Arkansas program heading into Saturday afternoon’s showcase against the Alabama Crimson Tide is whether or not Razorback quarterback Tyler Wilson will play.

Should this even be an issue?

Regardless of if anyone is willing to confirm it or not, Wilson suffered a concussion. One doesn’t spend the night in a hospital because of a broken collarbone; they spend the night in a hospital because of a serious medical issue. Make no mistake about it; a concussion is a serious medical issue no matter how common they are in football.

If a player suffered a minor traumatic brain injury the expectation is that the athlete in question would be out for an extended period of time; perhaps weeks or months.  However, if a player suffers a concussion the attitude shifts to a more nonchalant approach with the expectation the athlete in question will be back soon.

After all, he just got his “bell rung” right?

Here is the problem with that line of thinking: a concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury.

The new found understanding of concussions and brain research is precisely why I shake my head that the question persists as to if the Razorbacks 5th year senior will play Saturday? How is this even a discussion?

No matter if Arkansas had won last week against the University of Louisiana Monroe, keeping on pace for a championship season, Wilson should still be held out of this weekend’s game. The fact Arkansas has all but been knocked out the title hunt should only ensure he sits.


In April, Wilson will be one of the top quarterbacks selected in the NFL Draft and given the opportunity to earn millions. Then one day he is going to stop playing football, (hopefully after a long professional career) and deserves an opportunity to live a normal life.

At the time I write this article, Wilson’s status is up in the air for Saturday.  By the time you read this I hope the decision has been to sit him less than a week after a concussion.

It never should have been a question; Tyler Wilson’s future is worth more than a football game.

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