Georgia Bulldogs May Play Malcolm Mitchell At Receiver


One of the biggest questions for the Georgia Bulldogs heading into the season was where would sophomore Malcolm Mitchell play. Mitchell played strictly wide receiver last year for the Bulldogs but due to multiple suspensions, the coaches decided to shift the sophomore to cornerback, the position he was recruited at.

The question was whether Mitchell would play exclusively on defense or play on both sides of the ball.

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt announced in August that he would play the young Mitchell at both positions to start the season. However, Mitchell’s primary focus would be defense while the team was shorthanded in the secondary.

So far this season, Mitchell has not played any snaps on offense and the coach had been reluctant to speak about the corner’s status. Every time Richt was asked by reporters about whether or not Mitchell could play at wide receiver in the first two games, he said possibly but most likely not. He then would state that Mitchell stayed after practice to run routes with wide receivers coach Tony Ball.

This week Mark Richt changed his tune.

“We don’t want to use him on offense until he feels great, but he may play offense a little in this game,” said Richt.

Richt later disclosed that Mitchell was supposed to play some snaps at receiver against Missouri but his troublesome ankle kept him from practicing at the position during the week. Mitchell suffered an ankle sprain two weeks and seems to be recovering well. Add that to the fact that the Bulldogs are playing FAU, a school they are expected to rout, and you have an ideal scenario for Mitchell to play some offense this week.

Also, the reason for his transition to defense, the suspension of Sanders Commings, is no longer an issue. Sanders will be back with the team and will add needed depth to the secondary.

While it is unclear whether or not Mitchell will play offense this week, the idea of having their big play threat from last season returning is one that the offensive meeting room will love. They will have to enjoy the few snaps that he gets because it seems that Todd Grantham views Mitchell as a star in the making and wants him to stay on defense.


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