Live Tweeting During the Michigan State Spartans Game Tonight

By Tina Musial


The much hyped, much publicized, much talked about game between the Michigan State Spartans and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is almost here. There has been trash talking between the players, the students, and of course, the diehard fans all week long. The anticipation is high for both of these teams to perform well and come away with the W.

Once the opening drive starts though, all bets are off on which team has the better defense and which one has a stronger offense. This will be One. Tough. Game. Anything can happen under the lights between these two rivals on a Saturday night.

In case you can’t be glued to a television set, head over to Twitter. The action will be live tweeted throughout the game. (Twitter feed @tinamarie48604). Follow updates on all of the important plays and share your own commentary on the score and happenings. 

 Is Andrew Maxwell going to come out strong and prove to people he has what it takes to fill the shoes Kirk Cousins left behind? Will Le’Veon Bell cement his chances for a Heisman Trophy this winter? Can the defense hold Notre Dame and limit the scoring? Stay tuned for these and many more topics to discuss. 

Leave your score predictions in a tweet and compare it to what other fans have to say before the kickoff. Those comments could make for an interesting discussion too. 

No matter what happens at the end when the clock runs out, it should be a hard fought, close game that was exciting to watch until the very last play.

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