Could 2012 Be Nick Saban's Best Alabama Football Team?

By Allen Faul
Nelson Chenault-US Presswire

Just three games into the 2012 season, the University of Alabama football team sits 3-0 on the year. However the question has risen: is this Nick Saban’s best team since he has been in Tuscaloosa?

This story sounds familiar.

In 2010, Alabama boasted what is considered to be its most talented team, a statement that is backed up by the fact it was the only year Alabama has had an offense finish in the top 25 to pair with their top five defense in the country.  Through the first three games of the season, it looked as if there wasn’t a team in the country that could even step on the field with the Crimson Tide as Alabama outscored their first three opponents 134-16 (San Jose State, Penn State, Duke).

Yes, Alabama looked unstoppable in 2010. They were also considered to be a disappointment after finishing the year 10-3. However, when focused and ready and playing the perception was true, there wasn’t a team in the country that could hang with Alabama.

But this isn’t 2010. In fact, if you look at the numbers, it is far from it.

Alabama currently possesses, statistically, their worst defense in the past five seasons under Nick Saban (sixth) and an offense that currently ranks as one of the worst (70th) in the Saban era. However, they’ve passed the eye test. The offense has outscored opponents 128-14, while the defense has looked like a band of thieves, forcing 12 turnovers on the season against the likes of Michigan, Western Kentucky and Arkansas.

Is this the best Alabama team Nick Saban has ever fielded that the University of Alabama? Time will tell, but coach Saban will probably just settle for this team being the best of 2012.

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