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Three Wisonsin Students Charged in Montee Ball Attack

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Montee Ball Hurdles Oregon Defenders

Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

On Monday afternoon three students from the University of Wisconsin were charged in Dane County Circuit Court for their roles in the August 1st attack of Badger running back Montee Ball. Wendell Venerable, Robert Wiks and Deonte Wilson were identified to investigators by undisclosed witnesses who were near the attack and then shown surveillance video taken from an apartment building located in the vicinity of the attack.

The witnesses said while the three students kicked and punched Ball on the ground they also yelled things at him which led investigators to believe that the attack happened because the students were targeting Wisconsin football players. The reason for this is believed to be in retaliation to one of the three students being involved a previous fight with members of the football team at a party. The only reason the attack stopped is because a female friend of Ball’s jumped on top of him and the attackers ceased beating him. When word first was released about the attack it was said that there were five assailants but investigators later found out that there were only three thanks to assistance from the witnesses.

The senior tail back from Wentzville, Missouri isn’t off to the same start that he was last season where he finished the year with 1,923 yards and 33 touchdowns on 307 carries plus 24 receptions for 306 yards and six touchdowns. This year through three games Ball has recorded 320 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 84 carries and seven receptions for 49 yards. There is no connection with the attack and his rather pedestrian start.

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