Lane Kiffin Gives 29 Second Press Conference

By Riley Schmitt

Lane Kiffin and his USC squad seem to be cracking under the pressure of this season. Many predicted them to go to the National Championship, but they have looked extremely sluggish this year. In fact, it reared up and bit them on Saturday as they lost their first game of the year. Kiffin had a press conference on Wednesday where he lasted a grand total of 29 seconds.

Sounds to me like Kiffin is starting to feel a bit of the strain. He already tried to get a reporter banned for reporting about an injury. Now someone asks him if a guy participated in practice and he abruptly ends the conference. That’s not exactly a good look for a college coach, especially one who was predicted to take his team to a title.

There is still hope for the Trojans this year, but they have to get their issues figured out. The offensive line has done a pretty good impression of a traffic cone and it does not look like it will get any better soon. The team might still have a shot at a national title, but they have to fix some issues quickly.

If the team continues to struggle, expect more gems from Kiffin. I could see him ending a presser before one question is even asked at this rate. It would not be surprising, but it would make for some good video. The look on his face when he was asked about the one player sums up this whole video.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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