Florida Atlantic DE Calls Out Alabama

By Will Wilson
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Florida Atlantic defensive end Cory Henry may as well get the game ball before the Owls and Alabama even square off on Saturday. After Henry’s comments about #1 Alabama no one else should even be mentioned.

Henry told the Palm Beach Post that the top-ranked Tide “ain’t what people think.”

Finally, someone that isn’t kissing Alabama where the good lord split ya, and Henry picked a great week to do it as FAU travels to Tuscaloosa.

“They’re good and everything, but they can be beat, too,” he added. “They just execute well. They just execute and beat you.”

However, this probably wasn’t the best move by Henry. Alabama is the unanimous number one team in all of the land and rightfully so. The Crimson Tide have trounced everyone they’ve played and done so convincingly.

I don’t know what gives Henry the idea the Owls even belong on the same field as the defending national champs. For Christmas sake, FAU was losing to FCS Wagner 3-0 at halftime during their first game of the season. The Seahawks of Wagner even managed to lose to Georgetown this season. I’m not even sure people thought Georgetown had a football team, and well, Wagner got dumped by them too.

“We got speed against them,” he told the newspaper. “You got speed, you can win.”

Oh I’m sorry Mr. Henry, Bama’ doesn’t play in the SEC or anything, where the name of the game is speed along with track stars who are football players first. He had to have known that though, right?

Well Mr. Henry, have fun on Saturday. We’ll see if you can keep up.

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