Arkansas is Taking their Ball and Going Home

By Patrick Schmidt
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Arkansas has made the unprecedented decision to cancel the rest of the 2012 season before things get even worse Tuesday afternoon.

In a press conference before members of the media and players and coaches, Athletic Director Jeff Long said, “The way the season has unfolded has given me no choice but to forfeit the remainder of the 2012 season and save our players and fans any further embarrassment than what has already transpired.”

The program suffered a black eye when former coach Bobby Petrino was fired after having an “inappropriate” relationship with an athletic department staffer.  The affair came to light following a motorcycle crash involving the two and Petrino was fired and replaced with John L. Smith to take his mind off his bankruptcy case.

Smith said, “Quite frankly, I’m thankful I still have a job after the last three weeks.  I’m surprised Jeff [Long] didn’t fire me five minutes after my team choked at home vs. an inferior Louisiana-Monroe team in overtime.”

The move will allow Tyler Wilson, Cobi Hamilton, and Knile Davis time to get their boys trained and healthy for their pro day in the spring and in the best possible shape for the NFL draft in April.

The extended offseason for the Razorbacks will give Long and the athletic department ample time to find a competent replacement for the in-over-his-head Smith who makes replacement officials in the NFL look like geniuses.

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