Is It Time For The Oklahoma Sooners To Sit Landry Jones? Not So Fast

By Amanda Staver
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It is completely understandable to be upset when a team you follow loses a big game. It’s also completely understandable when your senior starting quarterback makes huge mistakes that potentially were the reason that team lost a game. Some of the Oklahoma Sooners fans are now reaching a DEFCON 5 status in terms of panic regarding the rest of the season.

Should they be?

It has been completely evident since the move of Josh Heupel to co-offensive coordinator for the Sooners that Landry Jones‘ play has taken a complete nose dive. Heupel has been in the booth for the last 2 seasons, where co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell has been the one on the field. When Jones was at his peak, Heupel was down on the field with him, basically holding his hand, for lack of better words, in-between plays. The nose dive and the coaching switch came at the same time. Not sure if this is just one of those things that make you ponder, but the thought makes you wonder.

There has been a lot of hollering from some of the fan base to see a lot more of Blake Bell. It’s not every day that this happens, but ESPN Big XII writer David Ubben took the words right out of my mouth when giving his thoughts on twitter about Jones:

via Twitter

For those of you who watched the game against Kansas State, you should remember that Bell had a pretty big fumble in the red zone as well. Jones wasn’t the only QB who didn’t have the best of games. Did Jones play bad and make horrible decisions Saturday night? Of course he did. What Ubben said about Jones being what he is couldn’t be truer; He’s great when he is on his game and when he is bad, its mind-numbing bad. It’s too early in the season to be calling for other quarterbacks to come in and take his place. Bob Stoops has made it very clear that benching him wasn’t even an option, and even touched on it again it on Monday in his press conference.

The expectations in Norman each and every football season are always high, just as they are in Austin, Tuscaloosa or any historic football powerhouse’s home base. The fans and the boosters are not happy with a less than 10-win season. When a team starts out slow, the natives get restless. Just ask a Texas Longhorns fan what they think about Greg Davis‘ final couple seasons on the coaching staff in Austin.

When issues have been the same week-in and week-out, there needs to be questioning and accountability. Especially when it comes to the Sooners offensive execution and play calling.  So I agree that frustrations and concerns are very warranted. Is there a need to go into meltdown mode in September? I’d say it was a little too early for that, but if things aren’t adjusted before the Red River game, Jones against the Texas defense is going to be one long Saturday afternoon.

Also, calling out Jones on twitter for his under-preforming and then proceeding to send him death threats is taking it a step too far. Unless you are/were a Division I college football quarterback or a certified professional couch coach (there are a lot of you who think you are), then I’d keep your tweet threats to yourself.

I’ve put my faith in the hands of Landry Jones for the 2012 season, and for right now, it’s holding firm. I may just be setting myself up for disappointment, but that’s a gamble I’m willing to take.



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