Indiana Marching Band To Stop Playing On Offensive Series For Football

By joshdhani
Hoosiers Marching Band September 2012

The marching band for the Indiana Hoosiers football team will officially stop performing their “1st Down March” on the team’s offensive series now after complaints came from the players and coaches, saying that it has become to distracting when trying to hear calls or plays.

The news made official thanks to a press release made by the director of Marching Hundred on Friday. The latest news ends a 20-year tradition by the marching band. The new strategy now will be playing after the team scores a touchdown and then adding the “Indiana, Our Indiana” tune after the extra-point attempt.

“They just want to have as we like to call it, ‘Colts-like silence,’” band director Dave Woodley said. “They want to be able to call plays, change plays and check at the line and that’s just hard to do when we are doing what we do. We want to do what is best for the team and, in this case, that is not playing the 1st Down March at that point in the game.”

It’s definitely understandable why, as it can really be a distracting factor that could even make or break a game just by a bad call. It’s good to see that the marching band is able to cooperate and understand the decision.

Having this silence, like the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts do can definitely help the squad as they will need all the help they can get with a depleted team thanks to the loss of quarterback Tre Roberson.

Coach Kevin Wilson will need all the help he can get out of his backup quarterback in Cameron Coffman this season. This can definitely help.

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