Potential Game At Lambeau Field For Wisconsin

By Will Wilson

Cowboys Stadium, Soldier Field, and the Georgia Dome. The venues that have hosted opening weekend games between non-conference foes to kick of the college football season. How about adding Lambeau Field to the list?

That’s what Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez has been proposed with. Someone pitched the idea of having the Badgers face off against California in a non-league game to start the season in Green Bay at Lambeau. It would somewhat honor the old Pac12B1G series that is no more.

This is an idea that should have been thought of years ago. Lambeau Field is arguably one of the greatest original stadiums that still remains in the country, and it’s only fitting for the Badgers to have a chance to play on the Frozen Tundra.

Of course there are some obstacles to get through for the game to actually happen, scheduling being one of them. UW will not be able to give up one of its seven homes games at Camp Randall, meaning Cal would have to agree to move one of its home games to a neutral site.

Yeah, you knew there was gonna be a catch. This was a problem in 2009 when a similar proposal was made prior to Fresno State hosting the Badgers in 2009. They wanted to move the game to Lambeau, but Fresno State declined because $1 million apparently wasn’t enough to sway them to play the game.

The pitch references the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer and the potential synergy between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who played at Cal before the Packers drafted him.

Alvarez and Packers president Mark Murphy have discussed the idea several times with Murphy being on board 100%. This would be great for college football and both Wisconsin and Cal.

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