Will ESPN College Gameday Bring Good Luck to Michigan State?

By Tina Musial

When the ESPN College Gameday bus rolls in to East Lansing, it will bring a lot of attention to the Michigan State Spartans. This will be the sixth time that Gameday has broadcasted from campus, and the results are split for the Spartans. Last year, the Spartans beat the University of Wisconsin Badgers in a thriller featured from East Lansing. Can this second consecutive year bring a good result to the Spartans?

The Spartans could really use a good end to this game versus the Ohio State Buckeyes. They need to prove that their #20 ranking is legitimate and they are a contender to win the Big 10 championship this year. So far this year, all of the Big 10 teams have been disappointing in their outings. Sure, they might have a bunch of wins in their columns, but they are not with conference schools. The games have also been closer than anticipated, showing a potential weakening across the boards of the Big 10’s power. Where is the dominance?

Hopefully it will return with all of the enthusiasm that is generated with a nationally televised game. Spartan fans can start tailgating at 9 AM, so they will be ready to do their part to cheer the Spartans on to victory.

If you choose to see the Gameday set, the gates will open really, really early so fans can get a glipmse behind the scenes until the cameras are ready to roll.  Fans will be allowed in to the broadcast area set up behind Beaumont Tower at 7:00 am. The actual television show will not be filmed – live – until 9:00 am and will last until noon. Since the weather is supposed to be beautiful in East Lansing, the Spartans still have a winning record and this is a BIG game for them, there is an enormous crowd anticipated. Get there early if you are going!

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