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5 Oklahoma Sooners Making An Impact So Far

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Oklahoma Sooners: 5 Players To Make An Impact So Far

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With a lackluster 4-game start, the Oklahoma Sooners are still looking to turn things around for the 2012 season. With a quarter of the season already gone, they may be running out time to make the proper adjustments.

Most of the major concerns became apparent with the loss against Kansas State Wildcats at home. Kansas State is a good team, but it definitely wasn’t the toughest team the Sooners will face in the upcoming weeks. Most notably is the upcoming Red River game against the Texas Longhorns with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish two weeks after.

With the Sooners on their second bye of the season in week 5, they once again have a week to prepare for their next conference game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. And it’s a Texas Tech team who is No. 1 in the country on defense. They haven’t been truly tested yet, but Oklahoma has been known to struggle on the road, especially in Lubbock.

Despite the un-inspiring play so far by the Sooners, there have been some players who have stood out. Some players have been impacting in a good way, some players in a horrible way. Luckily enough, there is still time for the payers who haven’t been performing quite as expected to turn the season around

Here are 5 players who have made an impact so far for the Sooners.

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Sooner Fans Love Sterling Shepard


Freshman WR Sterling Shepard has made some noise so far this season in Norman. When sitting in the stands at Owen Field, the crowd goes crazy when Shepard makes an appearance on the field. Not only do the fans love him, he is working his way into being one of the premier receivers for the Sooners. He works in the slot, he works outside, and he works deep. So far Shepard has 10 catches for 156 yards and one touchdown. He has been getting more time on the field as the weeks have been going on, so I would expect to see him more and more throughout the rest of the year. Get Shepard under a consistent QB, and he will be deadly.

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Tony Jefferson Stepped Up

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Safety Tony Jefferson was expected to step up this season and be one of the defensive leaders. So far, it’s easy to say that he has excelled and exceeded expectations. He has been making plays and has been vocal in the encouragement of his defensive teammates. He suffered an ankle sprain during the FAMU game, but still came out looking decent against Kansas State. He has been one the bright spots on the defensive unit so far. Hopefully he will begin to rub off on the defensive line, because the Sooners secondary is the least of the defenses worries.

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Justin Brown Makes A Special Teams Impact

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Penn State transfer Justin Brown has had an instant impact on the Sooners since arriving in Norman in late August. He has given the Sooners a much needed boost on kickoff returns as well as being deadly in the wide receiver position. So far he is averaging 11 YAC and has 135 yards on the season. His longest of the season being an explosive 46-yard run.

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Aaron Colvin Quietly Shutting It Down

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CB Aaron Colvin is being called “Colvin Island” in some places for his ability to shut down the entire left side of the field. He has been getting a lot of love from the Sooner coaches, but the rest of Sooner Nation is finally starting to take notice. He was on my list of Sooner players to keep an eye on coming into the season and has only been going up on my radar. Colvin not only has the ability to get it done on the field, his mental awareness of the game and his maturity level shines when put under pressure.

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Landry Jones Looks Confused

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To say that Landry Jones has not produced so far this season is an understatement. He does have his moments where the 2010 Jones comes through, but it seems that the last several games the regression is getting worse. We all know that Jones can play well, we’ve seen it. The ability is there, he needs something to pull it back out. He has made an impact on the team with his decision making. Throwing into coverage to set up an opposing team in scoring position or fumbling the ball in the red zone have a major impact. Unfortunately for Jones, not in a good way. Jones still has a chance to help the Sooners turn it around, but the window for that is getting slim.